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28202Re: [midatlanticretro] [Wanted] Old OS/2 Software

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  • madodel
    Nov 23, 2012
      On 11/23/12 9:58 PM, Jim Scheef wrote:
      > reini,
      > Your lack of an email address makes it impossible to send you an email off
      > list. Send me your email address and I'll see what I can do. I've been
      > meaning to image a set of disks for IBM 1.2 Extended Edition.
      > MS OS/2 is extremely rare as it was available only as OEM from the PC
      > manufacturers and I'm beginning to wonder if LANMAN is anywhere in the
      > wild. If you have any OS/2 software from 3COM or DEC to trade, it would
      > greatly speed the imaging process. ;-)


      What versions of OS/2 were you looking for images of?

      As to MS OS/2, The hospital where I first worked with OS/2 had lots of MS
      OS/2 1.3 supplied by IBM for some strange reason. They were an IBM
      mainframe shop and used Model 30's, but IBM installed Microsoft's OS/2 on
      them. The hospital trashed it all a couple years or so after I left in
      1992, by which time they upgraded to Warp. I wish I had grabbed a few
      boxes when I left as finding MS branded OS/2 is kind of the Holy Grail now.
      I occasionally see manuals on eBay but never an entire set with media.


      > On 11/19/2012 2:30 AM, reini1976 wrote:
      >> I'm hardly searching for old OS/2-Software
      >> I'm searching for MS and IBM OS/2 1.x and the SDK's and DDK's.
      >> Also the MS Programmer's Library CD-ROM's.
      >> Can someone help me?
      >> With best regards.
      >> reini1976


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