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28114Re: Lobo floppy drives

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  • s100doctor
    Nov 15, 2012
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Richard Cini <rich.cini@...> wrote:
      > Bill --
      > I didn't have time to pull both drives tonight but I did unmount the
      > left-hand drive. Indeed it's a Shugart 801, SN# HV2633. As far as jumpers,
      > DS1, T1, X, B and A are closed. EZ is set to Z. EI jumper is open. The
      > 800/801 jumper is also open. There are black-ink markings on the PCB as
      > follows: "25229.1", "1932", "48.2". I'll try to pull the other drive
      > tomorrow and let you know if it's any different jumper-wise (assuming it's
      > set for DS2).

      I think the 25229 sounds like a Shugart 800/801 board model number.
      > On a slightly-related note, I have two floppy controllers, a Morrow DJ2B and
      > a VersaFloppy II, that I would consider using to build a new floppy system
      > from. Is one better than the other for these drives? The Morrow board looks
      > like 8"-only while the VF2 has both floppy connector types.
      > Rich

      the DJ2D-B is a decent enough 8-inch controller. Morrow docs are good.

      The Versafloppy II is also a decent controller. My Web site has work of half a dozen people with that controller, including John Monahan (s100computers.com).


      Either ought to be able to run those Shugart 800's.

      Herb Johnson
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