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28109Re: Lobo floppy drives

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  • s100doctor
    Nov 14 11:22 AM
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      Bill Degnan:
      > >
      > > Yup. Shugart 800 or 801s.

      I agree. When you flip over the drives, check the PC boards for a PC board number. Then you'll know which set of schematics you'll need. They look like Shugart 800/801 to me but there will be more identification on them. I have organized my Shugart 800 docs based on PC board numbers:


      and there may be manuals specific to your drive versions on various PDF archive Web sites too. The 801 was simply an 800 with jumpers set to provide decoding of hard-sectored sector pulses. There's actually a 800/801 named jumper.

      Lobo made products for TRS-80's and I think they had some kind of S-100 interface for another Z80 system in the era. But it doesn't matter: they simply wrapped a case around a manufacturer's drives. I imagine if you Google search their Infoworld magazine archive, you'll likely see some Lobo advertizing.

      Herb Johnson
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