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28078Festivus update (Dec. 8-9; food details, bad movie contest!)

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Nov 12, 2012
      Festivus is just one month away.

      Our party is Dec. 8-9 at the museum, same room as the past couple of
      years. We'll have a sign up on the front gate for any first-time attendees.

      It starts on the 8th (Saturday) around lunchtime and ends on the 9th
      (Sunday) whenever people go home.

      MARCH will supply $100 of food basics -- burgers, hot dogs,
      non-alcoholic beverages, chips, plates, etc. -- and we encourage
      everyone to bring more such as other meals, snacks, beer (mmmm .... beer.)

      We'll collect $10/person ** for InfoAge ** .... last year we
      inadvertently used that money for food. That was a mistake.

      I will ask Fred about the usual sparse sleepover arrangements.....

      As it turns out, Bill Deg., Justin, and myself are all only able to
      attend our own party on the first day. Jeff B. accepted my request to
      supervise clean-up, etc., at the end of the second day.

      New this year: worst movie contest!

      The rules:
      1. Whoever shows us the worst movie, as judged by cackling, groans, and
      spilled beer, will win a prize. I determine the prize. It'll be a good one.
      2. Nothing too mainstream.
      3. Nothing that we've already watched as past Festivuses (Festivii?)
      4. No higher rating than PG-13, or equivalent if the movie is older than
      ratings, as there may be some children present (use common sense.)
      5. You may call dibs on a movie by replying to this thread.
      6. If people show up with the same movie, but neither called dibs, then
      we'll flip a coin to see who gets to take credit for it.

      I'll start: I call dibs on "Terror of Tiny Town" which is a 1938
      western. Good guys vs. bad guys. But, it's a musical, and the actors are
      little people -- same ones from The Wizard of Oz. (Thank you Larry S.
      for the tip!)

      And of course, we encourage people to bring videogames, vintage
      computers, and whatever else that's fun and legal.
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