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28Still another TCF update

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  • evan947
    Jan 24, 2005
      I just had a phone call with one of the event organizers. Here's what
      he said:

      -- Getting an analog phone line to Bill D.'s computer to an old-school
      BBS should not be a problem. Bill: you may have to dial 9 or

      -- Getting about a dozen tables, or more if we need them, is also no
      problem. The tables are 2x8 ft. and we'll get a layout ahead of time.
      Moving them around at the show is also okay as long as we do so
      without making a big fuss about it.

      -- They'll try to have the tabled draped, but just in case, they
      suggest that we each bring a matching tablecloth. I suggest plain
      white, so we all match and so it's clear to the attendees that we're
      part of a group.

      -- We'll all have access to the VIP parking, plus a special unloading

      -- We are NOT allowed to sell anything at the exhibit. There is a
      separate 'flea market' area that we won't be part of. Normally the
      exhibit tables cost a couple hundred dollars each, and TCF is giving
      us all of this space for FREE, so we have to follow their rules.
      However, the emphasized that if an exhibitors agrees informally to
      meet an attendee somewhere else (like outside) to make some
      transaction, that would be okay. Discretion is the vital part.

      -- When it gets closer to the show, I'll need to submit everyone's
      name, in order to get those VIP parking passes. I will also make some
      simple paper banners to put on each table, describing the contents.

      - Evan
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