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27995Re: OT: Sandy

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  • corey986
    Nov 4, 2012
      Yep, minimal Internet. But it's getting better as parts of my town are powered up. I still have no power or phones or cell voice reception, but I have plenty of firewood to keep warm and a little sleep deprived from keeping the fire going. Before today it only worked at 5am ish...

      I guess in my bad "texting", there was a misunderstanding, my wife's SUV took some shingles to the hood and windshield, so they need replacing. A tree missed it by about a foot. My house roof is history, and will need to be replaced. hopefully this week's storm won't be too bad. I think I lost mostly tabs and I didn't see any exposed tar paper, but can't get on the roof now.

      We did loose some marine fish because of the temperature drop before we had a chance to hook the tank up to the generator. Luckily the house is so cold compared to normal so that the chiller isn't needed as that would take a lot from the generator.

      All the vintage machines are unplugged so there won't be any problems, and to tease me, my processor technology eprom card arrived and I can't test it!!!!!

      I have been reading a lot. Finally got through all the MITS documentation cover to cover and finished reading the latest Rick Riodan novel.

      Work's been really good about things, especially when you have to waste half your day getting gas for the generator and firewood. I guess this has become my vacation for the year.

      I do feel like I live on a farm, getting up before the crack of dawn to start a fire and staying up to past midnight to keep it going.


      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...> wrote:
      > >> I have heard from many that live close or on the shore that many have lost homes & cars.
      > Corey has very minimal 'net access; said a tree took out his wife's SUV.
      > My boss had her car in NYC swallowed by the East River.
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