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  • Ray Sills
    Nov 3, 2012
      On 11/03/12, Evan Koblentz wrote:

      Herb nailed it.

      Interesting behavior: all week long, when I was in a restaurant/store, every 10 minutes you'd hear someone pick up their phone, and then exclaim, "I got power!" ... As if they won a lottery. It's been a week of haves and have-not, power people vs. no-power people, gas people vs. no-gas people. Very unsettling.

      JCP&L says 43% of my town will have power by tomorrow night and the rest might not get power for another 10 days. Egads!

      I'm out of town.... but if it's any consolation, on my trip down I-95 to Maryland, I saw -hundreds- , yes, hundreds of trucks with cherry pickers and other utility trucks driving north. Presumably, crews and gear from other states heading up the interstate to help with restoration.

      73 de Ray
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