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27935Unknown Dual External 8" Floppy Drive Bay

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  • Kyle Owen
    Oct 30, 2012
      I managed to get a big 'ole steel box with two Tandon 8" drives. One of them had a broken handle, unfortunately. I went ahead and took the other off before it snapped before I took the picture. Any ideas who made this? I'm currently in the process of stripping the paint and repainting it. It was in rough shape from the outside, but the inside is quite clean. Sorry the pictures are so poor; the lighting in my condo is awful and is not helped by a poor phone camera. Didn't have a chance to pull out the good 'ole Canon 50D...

      I am going to make a floppy cable adapter so I can use this with a modern PC running ImageDisk or any other CP/M or S-100 systems that would require such a beast.

      There was a spot which seemed to have at one point a rectangular label on the side, but nothing I could tell was ever on the front. The back was also spotless, as was the bottom. 


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