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27763Decoding Date Codes

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  • joshbensadon
    Oct 18, 2012
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "s100doctor" <hjohnson@...> wrote:
      > 1) Date codes on many components are in the format YYWW where YY is the year ([19]72, 73, 74....), YY is the week of the year (01-52).

      Here's a transistor with 430 on it. Would that make it 1964, week 30?
      Transistor part number is 2N1218. Or does the 430 refer to the factory the transistor was made? or other?

      Photo of transistor posted in the photos/Josh Bensadon folder of this group.

      I've seen some IC's with only a 3 digit code on them (not part of this analog computer). Case in point is the following:

      RCA H 650

      Is that to mean 1976 week 50?
      H being the factory where it was made?

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