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  • Evan Koblentz
    Oct 17, 2012
      See message from Fred, below.


      Hello Everyone,

      The Sec. of Interior signed the designation today. Camp Evans is a
      National Landmark for the home-front service and the major roll radar
      played in the WWII allied victory. Congressman Smith will be holding a
      press conference at 2:30PM in the Marconi Hotel Lobby. If you can make
      it, please do.

      This is very good news. It honors the thousands of home front warriors
      who worked at Camp Evans to defeat the Axis powers. As a subpost of Fort
      Monmouth, this honor also includes main post in Eatontown, Squire Labs.,
      Camp Coles, Fort Handcock, the Long Branch Signal Lab. and the many
      temporary sites like the Shark River Hotel, the former Grossman Hotel in
      Bradley Beach, the Asbury Park Yards, the Avon storage facility and
      Jimmy Byrnes’ Sea Girt Inn. It also honors all the men and mostly ladies
      who worked in factories all over NJ manufacturing the radar and radio
      components designed by the Labs that help win the "Battle of the
      Laboratories" as President Truman called it.

      Saying ‘thank you’ to the thousands of home front warriors who labored
      in the laboratories and factories to win WWII is long overdue.

      Thanks to the efforts of the many Camp Evans volunteers like you, Camp
      Evans has not faded away as predicted in 1993. Camp Evans is now a
      science community center. It holds the potential of many more years of
      excellent community service as the WWII Living Memorial and as a
      National Landmark.

      We can inspire kids to learn science...where history was made.

      Please mark Saturday, November 17th as our day to celebrate this happy
      event. Details to follow.
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