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27693Re: [midatlanticretro] NorthStar Horizon Woes

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  • Systems Glitch
    Oct 15, 2012
      > I don't have a ROM board unfortunately. The processor card does have the
      > space for the ROM add on, but none of the components are populated. Maybe
      > it'd be worth it to do that, though I would feel bad about modifying the
      > original hardware, even if it was designed to do that. I feel it would
      > devalue the system. On the other hand, I'm not looking to sell it anytime
      > soon though.

      That's entirely your call. It depends on if you want to keep the system original to how it was when you obtained it. Since the board was offered as a kit, I wouldn't consider populating the ROM option really a modification...at least not any more than rejumpering cards one has received with different settings.

      If you don't want to populate the ROM option and you are only interested in having a ROM monitor just to get some diagnostics done and some disks copied, I'm sure one of us has a ROM board you could borrow or buy.

      > I have the ability to burn EPROMs using my Data I/O system, but I'm not
      > sure it can do 1k ROMs. It certainly can't handle 1702As, though that's a
      > different animal.

      I can burn them with my IMSAI, if no one else can and you decide you want to use the ROM option on the CPU board. Otherwise, if you want a ROM board for debug and you're not concerned about it being absolutely correct for the system, I'd recommend finding something that takes 2716 EPROMs or newer. You'll have far less trouble finding blanks and, if the board is new enough, you can use EEPROM replacement devices.

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