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27692Re: [midatlanticretro] NorthStar Horizon Woes

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  • Kyle Owen
    Oct 15, 2012

      I don't have a ROM board unfortunately. The processor card does have the space for the ROM add on, but none of the components are populated. Maybe it'd be worth it to do that, though I would feel bad about modifying the original hardware, even if it was designed to do that. I feel it would devalue the system. On the other hand, I'm not looking to sell it anytime soon though.

      I have the ability to burn EPROMs using my Data I/O system, but I'm not sure it can do 1k ROMs. It certainly can't handle 1702As, though that's a different animal.


      On Oct 15, 2012 8:46 PM, "Systems Glitch" <systems.glitch@...> wrote:

      > Either way, I don't think I have any way of making some more boot disks
      > unless I can get to the monitor program to manually edit some memory
      > locations. Dave's NST utility can only work if I can put it into RAM, which
      > is either done by using a ROM board, or by using the monitor to edit the
      > utility in RAM.

      Do you have a ROM board? You can use my 8080/8085/Z80 monitor with your N* by writing an I/O module for it:


      ...and if you don't know 8080 ASM I can probably help you write an I/O module for it. Also I can burn it to a ROM and mail it to you. And I've probably even got a spare ROM board somewhere!

      You could probably get the N* ROM monitor running as well. This will also require a ROM board. If you've got the N* Z80 board in your system, then you already have a ROM board, albeit only 1K in capacity. You may have to change the power-on-jump address from the location of the floppy controller ROM to the location of the Z80 board ROM (which is also jumper configurable). 1K is plenty for my ROM monitor (it occupies something less than 512 /bytes/, IIRC) and most likely for the N* monitor. Several of us, including me, can burn 2708s for you.


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