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27678C64 Help

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  • joshbensadon
    Oct 11, 2012
      I'm trying to get my C64 to output colour on my 1702 Monitor.

      Searched the web, but can't find the exact answers.

      The C64 outputs Video, Luminance, Chrominance and Audio through the 8 or 5 pin DIN connector.

      I am guessing that I have the wrong cable or wrong monitor.

      I suspect the 1702 Monitor was mainly used with the VIC-20 which didn't supply seperate Luminance/Chroma signals. The cable I have expects the monitor to receive these signals seperately but the 1702 accepts them together in the NTSC format.

      I guess they can just be combined using a resistor network, anyone have suggested values I should use?
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