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27635RE: [midatlanticretro] DEC PDP 11 and DSD 880

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  • Aliaga, Daniel G
    Oct 4, 2012
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      Ok J


      I am a vintage aficionado as you guys J. Have about ~50 computers in my collection, all worked when placed in collection and some I use for demos. Have a dedicated room in the house. Have 70s and 80s computers (mostly 80s).


      I just got this DEC PDP – private sale, seems to be extremely well taken care of but something happened during shipping (maybe)? Was packed by UPS and they seemed to do a great job.


      One of the connectors inside the DSD unit was disconnected during shipping – does that mean it got jostled strongly? The connector is quite snug when connected, so I would assume it was kinda loose, because to loosen it with a “drop” it would have to been dropped from quite a height…


      Still trying several options.


      Yes, spindle and head were locked, both unlocked now I believe (using the instructions from the manual…).


      I live in West Lafayette – go Boilermakers!





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      >> I have a recently acquired DEC PDP 1123 with DSD 880 (fixed drive + floppy drive)


      Welcome to our list. Please introduce yourself.

      Also, we prefer bottom replies.

      - Evan K. / list benign dictator

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