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27562Mitsubishi 2896 8" Drive to PC

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  • Kyle Owen
    Sep 30, 2012
      Hi all,

      I mentioned recently that I received a couple of NEC APCs and got one to actually boot. However, I am missing lots of DOS utilities, including everyone's favorite, EDLIN. Thus, I'd like to make some fresh boot disks using Dave's IMD utility. 

      I have been asking around the university, and managed to find a couple of DSDD 8" floppies, and *three* Mitsubishi 2896 drives. I have some cables, and I tried making a floppy cable adapter as per Dave's instructions here: http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/img54306/cnct.htm

      My ohmmeter shows good continuity between both sides of the adapter. I'm just not sure what's going on.

      I have tried using the jumper settings as they came to me, as well as the default values in the manual, Fig. 6-1, on page 34 of the .pdf (found here: http://maben.homeip.net/static/S100/mitsubishi/diskette/Mitsubishi%20M2896-63%20Half%20Height%208inch%20DSDD%20floppy%20drive%20198401.pdf). 

      Every time, though, I get a seek error on boot. My machine is a Pentium 4 Dell running MS-DOS 6.22. The error is the same whether the drive is connected or not. I have no logic analyzer, so my trusty old Tek 465 'scope will have to suffice. I have yet to get it out to watch the step line, though I suppose that would be a a logical next step. All drives spin when the 24V is applied, and when the 5V comes up (from the computer), the drive stops. 

      Any ideas? Have any other MARCHians been successful hooking this (or a similar) drive up to a modern PC?

      Thanks, and 73!

      Kyle, W4GNU
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