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27561Maker Faire -- Saturday summary

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Sep 30, 2012
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      Just about everything worked out great yesterday. The Mimeo was a hit. Our
      booth was busy all day long. Our exhibit design also worked great. We put
      the two tables end-to-end, with lots of posters, original ads, manuals,
      etc., and then the computer sat at the end. We put "input" and "output"
      signs at either end, so people knew where to enter and exit. It worked
      exactly as planned. There were many times when we had a line to see the
      computer, and everyone waited patiently for their turn. One part of the
      exhibit worked even better than anticipated: there happened to be a light
      on the wall behind us, facing down, directly on top of the computer! The
      light worked all day Saturday; I heard it wasn't so reliable today.

      As expected, the Maker Faire visitors were of all demographics -- old,
      young, male, female, all ethnicities, all technical levels, etc. -- but
      just about everyone knew what about the Apple 1. One comical exception:
      "Wow, the first Mac!"

      We spent about 5-10 minutes with most of the visitors. We focused on the
      Apple/Mimeo for most of that time, and then we added a few bits about
      MARCH and VCF East.

      Also as usually happens, we met several interesting people. One person
      said his Apple 1 is in the Smithsonian. I will follow up on that. A few
      people said they may have equipment donations for us, from the mundane
      (ordinary //e) to the special (KIM sealed/unopened in original packaging;
      Altair; etc.)

      Alise did an excellent job at playing booth barker: she spent most of the
      day standing at our booth line entrance, with a stack of MARCH fliers, and
      proactively encouraged passers-by to come inside.

      I hope the Jeff(s) add their Sunday report tonight. Wish I could've been
      there both days.

      By the way, despite the lack of list discussion, we still had several
      MARCHins attend. We saw Chris L., Brian C., Jim S., David C., Corey, and
      as always, several "friends of MARCH" from other groups, etc.
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