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27544Re: DC 100A Tape Belts

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  • s100doctor
    Sep 27, 2012
      > I have written them for a quote, but have not received any response.
      > Perhaps a phone call will work better.
      > >
      > > You might want to call [Pyramid] anyway [about belts].
      > >
      > > Bill
      > I found another company that made two belts for me, but they were quite expensive ($20 each) and I failed to give them the right dimensions (only 9.5"), so their belts are too tight or perhaps made of the wrong material that doesn't stretch a little?
      > I was hoping these belts might be a stocked item somewhere?
      > Perhaps as Herb said, the right rubber band stretched to the right size might provide the right amount of grip and pressure to keep the tape tension. I'll have to get back to playing with this, but first I really have to clean up my basement, it's gotten to be quite a mess.
      > Cheers,
      > Josh

      Belts are difficult to "source". They are a challenge to measure, and you have to know the materials. Ideally you get direct replacements, from vendors who know the product that broke. That won't happen now, the beltmakers generally don't know about the products.

      Again, the belts INSIDE the DC-100 tapes and other cartridge tapes, are rubber not cloth, to the best of my recollection. Getting another belt from another tape won't work, it just screws up that tape, and it may break in the process anyway. They won't all be the same except by brand and model tape.

      another engineer suggested to me a source of stock belts: "W. M. Berg. They have a huge catalog" of belts and other widgets.

      But rubber bands of all sizes can be found in various office supply stores. You need one "close" to the length you broke, if it's stretched too far it likely will have too much tension.

      But offhand, you may have to find some other DC-100A tapes. I'll see what I have and look at my broken belt tapes.

      Herb Johnson
      engineering advice, 5 cents please
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