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27465Re: Booting a 1985 NEC APC

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  • joshbensadon
    Sep 24, 2012
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "s100doctor" <hjohnson@...> wrote:
      > Josh (or Kyle, both names are used) described two NEC APC computers he obtained, with some problems. I have one of these but don't do much with it.
      > The APC is an 8086 type CP/M based computer with a built in color CRT. The problem Josh described on one of them, sounds like a fairly typical CRT color monitor type of problem. I suggest you look closely at the "video board" and see if you can identify damaged components. (Be careful, there's 25,000 volts on that CRT.) Find someone with color TV repair experience to work on it; that's a lot easier than finding someone with 1980's computer repair experience.
      > Evan says that MARCH has a working APC, and extends an invitation to visit. What would it cost Evan to make a bootable 8-inch diskette and mail Josh a copy - rather than have Josh travel 1000 miles just to do the same thing?
      > Herb Johnson

      Hi Herb,

      Ummm, unless there's another Josh online, I think you have my projects confused with someone else. My current projects are the IMSAI, Mark-8, HP9825 and an EAI Analog Computer.

      I am definitely going to pick your brains on the Analog Computer, but not until I do my homework first. I have too much respect for you and your time to ask simple questions that I can answer for myself by doing some reading.

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