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27455Re: DC 100A Tape Belts

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  • s100doctor
    Sep 24 6:51 AM
      joshbensadon wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Does anyone know where I can buy some replacement belts for these old DC 100A tapes? Inside the actual tape there's a belt that drives the reels and they've snapped on two tapes. The belt measures 9.568" by 0.100" by 0.003" thick.
      > Thanks,
      > Josh

      Bill Degnan replied with a reference to a company that makes cloth and rubber belts, such as those used to drive a diskette drive spindle from a motor. Josh is referring to a rubber belt inside the tape cartridge. It is not rubberized cloth. This further description may be more helpful.

      I've had tape cartridges which have had broken belts as Josh describes. The rubber simply rots and breaks. Offhand, I've not tried repair. Other than trying a belt from another tape (which could break), you might see if you can find rubber bands of about the same dimensions, see if those work. PLease report results here, negative or positive.

      Herb Johnson
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