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27328Workshop oct 27/28

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  • B Degnan
    Sep 3, 2012
      Any takers Oct 27-28 workshop landenberg, pa? So far it's me and Herb. This would be the fourth or fifth such event at my home.

      Although I often change my mind, at the moment I plan to either finish pdp11/40 pwr supply repair or replace my two altair 8800s and altair disk drives' power supply caps. Corey inspired me to do the Altiar repair given he got one in progress too. Anyway I already bought the caps.

      I don't care what others want to work on as long as I they bring what they need to support their work.

      My guidelines are: clean your hardware before you bring it into the house and do your homework so you know what to bring tools and parts-wise.

      You can sleep on the floor/bring an air mattress or sleeping bag.

      I will likely have stuff for sale/trade such as but not limited to commodore, terminals, byte mags.


      Sent from my PDP 8/e.
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