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2718Re: [midatlanticretro] AT&T donation

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  • William Pechter
    Mar 5, 2006
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      I'd tend to figure it for AUI 15 pin rather than the  old thinnet T connector or  RJ45.  I know they used the 6 pin RJ connector for serial terminal -- perhaps they even had rj45 Cat3/5 ethernet.  I think Starlan10 was Cat5 ethernet and I think that pre-dates the 3b2/300 and 400 so they might have been just Cat 3 or Cat5 cables at that time.

      Jim Scheef <jscheef@...> wrote:

      Your help will be greatly appreciated. I hope to give them a try here at home
      first with a friend who worked with them at AT&T. The units came with lots of
      AT&T documentation. The donor assumes they do not have any ethernet
      capabilities but I have not had time to look at the connectors on the back. I
      figure the ethernet adapter would have a 15-pin 'D connector' for a
      transceiver (not cheapernet!). Am I right?


      --- William Pechter <bpechter@...> wrote:

      > If you need help getting it set up let me know.
      > Make sure you get the root password... saves having to break in to it.
      > The tough thing to find on those is the ethernet and TCP/IP software
      > and license.
      > Bill
      > --- Jim Scheef <jscheef@...> wrote:
      > > One of my fellow DACS members (Danbury Area Computer Society -
      > > dacs.org) has
      > > donated two 3B2 computers, an expansion chassis, a graphics terminal
      > > and a
      > > bunch of software to MARCH. I'll bring it down on my next trip. This
      > > is all
      > > supposed to be in working condition and could be the basis for the
      > > interactive terminals I envision for the museum. It includes
      > > documentation
      > > for the UNIX System V Rel. 3 that is supposed to be installed. Using
      > > this to
      > > drive the terminals would help provide some "NJ" flavor to the
      > > exhibits.
      > >
      > > Jim
      > >


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