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27124Re: [midatlanticretro] Did Bill Gates Steal the Heart of DOS?

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  • system@great-escape.tmesis.com
    Aug 2, 2012
      Dave McGuire <Mcguire@...> writes:

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      >On 08/02/2012 04:05 PM, system@... wrote: >> I found
      >this article to be an interesting read: >> >> Did Bill Gates Steal the
      >Heart of DOS? The mystery of the rumored theft >> of CP/M by a little
      >company called Microso= ft can finally be >> investigated=97using
      >software forensic tools >> >>
      >>> of-dos/1 > > Read Bob Gezelter's (I know Bob) comments. However, I
      >think that, > having used CP/M in the day, CP/M is/was more like RT-11
      >and bits > of TECO-10.
      > Agreed.
      >> I've done disassembly and analysis of code for proof of a software >
      >theft in a courtroom drama. There's little a tool can do, save for >
      >the disassembly, to expose ensconsed details of copying or theft. >
      >Searches for strings? That's the first thing a software thief of > even
      >the most modest abilities would change making such "analytic" >
      >conclusions rather dubious.
      > Well they have to get some media exposure somehow. ;)


      It read, to me anyway, like the typical newsworthy investigative reporting
      of today's commercial news media.
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