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2705Lurker emerges!

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  • Mike Ladwig
    Mar 4, 2006
      Hi all -

      I've been lurking here a while, just acquired some S-100 junk, and thought I'd
      take the opportunity to say hi.

      As an introduction, I still have most of my old computers: a TRS-80 Model I,
      Apple IIe, Macintosh Plus, Mac SE, PowerMac 8500, a Next Cube and a Next
      Pizza Box. Sadly, my old S-100 systems are long lost (and with collector
      prices the way they are, never to be replaced!). Armed with a new-old
      oscilloscope, I replaced a bunch of dead chips on the TRS and IIe so now all
      the systems work again.

      Recently, I acquired a huge old boat anchor of an S-100 system.  It has no
      labels or obvious identifying marks of what is was or who made it.  It has
      three S-100 boards.  First, a Sierra Data Systems (no model id) Z-80
      processor board that has onboard memory, a connector for floppy disks, CRT
      (?!?!), printer, and one unlabeled connector.   The second card is a PMMI
      modem.  The third is a Percom serial card with terminal and tape
      connections.  There are two Qume 8 inch floppy drives.  The system also has a
      huge power supply by "Integrand" (who may have integrated the box), which ran
      CP/M when it worked. I also got a Heath H-19 terminal with it, but that
      needs some work (dying vertical deflection) to get back to working.

      Anyway, hello and if anyone has any ideas about this system or suggestions on
      where I'd track down the right CP/M to run on it, let me know!
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