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2674This Sunday @ InfoAge

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  • evan
    Mar 2, 2006
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      Hello fellow MARCHins,

      InfoAge's next big event is April 1; this time it's a "site transfer day".
      All of the member groups are expected to have a small exhibit. People who
      attend on April 1 might have money or old computers to share with us. (The
      same kind of event was how we acquired the HP 300A Harmonic Wave Analyzer,
      circa mid/late-1940s, last summer.)

      The exhibits will be in our museum preview rooms. As I explained before,
      our room is small (about 11x12 ft.) but at least the light finally works.

      Therefore this Sunday is an * excellent * day to visit InfoAge and help
      develop MARCH's preview room. I'll be there at about 1:00 but we could
      possibly start earlier in the day. The preview can include any combination
      of Grabbe stuff / MARCH stuff / individual stuff.

      What I'm thinking is that we can bring some of the neat-looking Grabbe items
      upstairs, and also have three or four working systems from our personal
      collections to demonstrate. For example I might bring my Grid Compass 1101.
      In addition, Fred says that if we make 8.5x11-inch signs in JPEG resolutions
      of at least 30dpi, then he can print them as 11x17 posters. I think that's
      pretty cool, because we can hang up posters with background information,

      I can't do this alone; I need help. It has to get done. Who else can
      commit to helping this Sunday? (For those who haven't been to InfoAge yet,
      you'll also get to see the rest of the place.)

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