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  • s100doctor
    Jul 4, 2012
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...> wrote:
      > Could everyone who attended send a list message about their projects from this weekend?


      A work in progress, it's my description of the event and the work I was immediately involved in, or witnessed. I was simply too busy to follow everyone's work. It was, after all, a work session.

      Many of the photo links are "broken" - I need to process down the photos to manageable size. I run a 20th century Web site, not a modern one. It's my particular interest, to "report" on the event.

      I'll do what I can to add briefs on other people's work, Web links. I'm taking the liberty of quoting some of the self-descriptions in this thread. Those who attended, contact me privately to correct my errors and omissions (a contact email is at the bottom of my Web page.)

      What did I do? I worked closely with Bill Degnan on both of our Proc Tech SOL computers. Mine came up! After decades! Bill's did not, his 8080 processor (with or without in-circuit emulator) can't seem to read or write to memory or ROM. But I did not have time to complete my repairs of the keyboard, to replace all the capacitive foam/Mylar pads. It was usable anyway, "naked".

      I was prepared to add a working Northstar floppy controller but did not have a double-sided drive (or time) to try out Bill Sudbrink's SOL/N* disks - thanks for a copy of those.

      PT co-designer Lee Felsenstein looked over our shoulder to verify the operation of the divide-by-seven circuit that feeds the 8080 with a 2MHz clock from a 14MHz crystal. He read the schematic and worked it out in front of me & Bill. He's "still running on all cylinders" as we old-guys say. He had something to say about making more engineers, later in the afternoon.

      I also cleaned up my PDP-8/F, which was not nearly as "dusty" as the MARCH PDP-8. David inspected my system and commented. BTW, his work on debugging the MARCH 8's serial port was simply amazing field service. It was fun to watch him clean the club's 8.

      Oh - when the A/C timed out, I reset the controls, and figured out that no one had opened all the A/C vents in the room. Brilliant. I, and many others, noted the lack of grounded outlets in the room - namely, ONE, plus one in an adjacent room. *Evan, take note.*

      Otherwise, I took photos and ate pizza, and asked hard questions. I'm pleased with how it went.

      Herb Johnson
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