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26690HOPE in NYC

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  • telmnstr@757.org
    Jul 3, 2012
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      Howdy everyone!

      I'm once again travelling to NYC for HOPE! If you don't remember, I'm the
      guy with the TRS-80 model 4 that sort of let out some fire.

      If there is anything you need from me, hollar.

      We're doing the video streaming thing yet again. To make things awesome,
      NONE OF IT WORKS YET! It ain't a con project unless it's down to the wire.
      Got a beautiful piece of hardware that can do 1920x1080 output and all
      that, but it's not meant for streaming so we've got to make it stream.

      I don't know of anything off hand that would be useful to you all but if
      you can think of something.

      My friend asked, what are you going to have? He was thinking of gettting a
      head start on some custom software. He's sad his TRS-80 qr code app didn't
      work I think.

      - Ethan O'Toole / Tele Monster
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