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  • Mr Ian Primus
    Jul 2, 2012
      --- On Mon, 7/2/12, Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:

      > Could everyone who attended send a
      > list message about their projects from this weekend? It
      > would be nice for everyone else to hear about progress made
      > and how it was done.

      I worked on the a couple of 3B2 machines. I pieced the two broken machines MARCH has into one good one. One computer had the unusual failure of having the internal motherboard supports (rubber bumpers) dissolve into a gooey liquid. Interesting to note was that neither machine had a good floppy drive. One had a broken latch mechanism, and the other had a massive burn mark on it from a failing tantalum capacitor. I combined components of the two drives to make one working drive.

      MARCH now has an operational 3B2/310 - 80mb hard drive, 4mb of RAM, running UNIX 3.2. I did not do a clean install, I wound up simply breaking the existing root password. There's nothing of interest on the machine, seems to be a fairly base install as it is. We can always do a clean load, I've got all the software. I shuffled a couple of PORTS boards (4 port serial/1 port parallel) into the good computer - the throughput on these kind of stinks, so if you ever wanted to run several terminals off this computer at once, it would behoove you to spread them out over a couple cards.

      I did some disk copying, although not enough - I mostly wound up duplicating Osborne boot floppies, but I archived a good stack of the Osborne disks the club has - next time we get together, perhaps we can all take turns feeding disks for a while, it would be nice to archive the Osborne disks, as well as some of the other assorted software the club has for other computers.

      I brought my 11/05, but didn't get to spend too much time troubleshooting it, but I've got a few more things I can check now.

      I won second to smoke with a terminal. Evan takes the title of first to smoke with an Osborne.

      I wound up spending a lot of time helping other people with stuff, and it was really a great event - I had a lot of fun. Look forward to the next time we do something like this.

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