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26680Re: [midatlanticretro] Tech weekend -- everyone's projects ...

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  • William Donzelli
    Jul 2, 2012
      I worked on a 1962 Burroughs B122 card reader, tagged for 3C/Honeywell
      (for a DDP 116). Mostly I spent my time cleaning the thing, as it was
      filthy, with some extremely stubborn tape residue on every panel. I
      also visually audited the machine, and in general found it to be in
      good condition. The belts are decent, and better yet, no rubber
      rollers inside - only metal. I could manage to manual feed a card
      through with no jams (mostly).

      I did not power the machine up, as I found a bad high voltage
      capacitor in the power supply. The plug on the end cap of the part is
      clearly bulging out, and ready to pop. It is a 20 uF 450 VDC part, so
      there were none in stock.

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