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  • B. Degnan
    Jun 26, 2012
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      There seems to be a bit more latitude for small/portable computers (not calculators or phones) that are newer as long as they are  evolutionary dead ends.  Windows CE handhelds are not vintage yet while your early HP handhelds from the same early 90's would be more so.  Palm stuff not quite yet.

      The vintage test of small portables and handhelds would be...fanfare please...

      "Is the system that you would typically link the portable/handheld to a vintage computer or not?"

      i.e. if the installation software that came with the portable/handheld connection cable is on a CD ROM, it ain't vintage.  If the drivers diskette says "Windows 95..." it ain't vintage, same with a newer MAC-based OS.

      It's subjective.  You're safer to claim "vintage" the older an item is than 1988 (as apposed to '98), I would veto the Portfolio as vintage.


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      Small Portable Relevant...what's in a subject line anyway?
      I have been thinking about next VCF, well really VCF-MW or VCF Southwest(?) -- the one in Texas, and have was thinking about an air travel friendly display. So, that got me wondering about what handheld/palmtops fit into the vintage or retro category.
      I first thought about a Tandy Model 100, but then I started thinking more along the lines of the Atari Portfolio.  To which I wondered, is it vintage / on-topic yet?  Not to start a debate, I haven't done a ton of research to determine the year it was released, but I recall finding one in a thrift store circa 1998 and thought it was pretty cool. If it is relevant, what others are relevant in that category? Do any of the DOS based HPs qualify? Any other suggestions out there?
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