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2657Re: [midatlanticretro] Tandy stuff available

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  • tfagan@triad.rr.com
    Mar 1, 2006
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      Tandy's claim (I believe) was based on the Sensation being the first
      (?) mainstream PC to have the graphics/sound capabilities it had, as
      well as the fact it had a CD-Rom (Ooooooooooh!!! :->)

      As Mason T. e-mailed off-list (he knew me from NJ back in the 80s) - I
      should bite my tongue calling the Sensation the 'first' multimedia
      machine when I, myself, was a very happy Amiga owner through the late
      80s! I defended myself by pointing out it was Tandy's propogan...
      er... advertising for the machine that made that claim - not me
      personally! :-)

      I'd also like to apologize for my retro-group faux pas. I even read
      the FAQ Saturday when I signed up, and what is one of my first posts
      about??? A 486 machine!!! Doh!

      I just wanted to know if it was considered rare, but more importantly
      from you 'smarter-than-me-about-these-matters' forum participants - if
      a 486 will run 286 and 386 software reliably. That's actually what I
      wanted to know most. My bad... Take solace in the fact that 90+% of my
      vast collection came into existence between the late 70s and the mid
      80s! ;-)))

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