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2649URGENT: Data recovery assistance needed in New Haven, CT area (march)

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  • davidwoyciesjes
    Mar 1, 2006
      Hopefully there is someone nearby who can help.
      At work here, we need to recover some old data on Canon
      Magneto-Optical discs. I don't have them in my hand at the moment, so
      I can't give model details yet, but IIRC, they are roughly the size of
      5 1/4 floppies. And to make things more fun, we can't find the drive
      that they were used in.

      Does anyone have one we could buy, or borrow? Or leads on who to
      talk to? And no, we cannot send the discs out, due to HIPAA privacy
      rules. The drive would need to be used here at Yale.

      Reply to me directly. Thanks in advance.

      --- Dave Woyciesjes
      --- ICQ# 905818
      --- AIM - woyciesjes