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2639Tandy stuff available

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  • Kelly Leavitt
    Feb 28, 2006
      These are in addition to any other trades already made (BillD and Mike)...

      Model II's (2 of them)
      Model II drive units (2 of them)
      Model 12's (3 of them)
      Model 16b's (at least 2)
      8" disks, new in shrink wrap
      DMP410 printer
      All the computers have matching keyboards.

      Have to come to North Jersey if you want any (limit one each to a customer).
      I'll post on ClassicCmp on comp.sys.tandy Thursday if no one else wants
      them. Trade me something Tandy, or something else interesting....

      I need a Tandy DT-100 terminal
      A functional Model I
      A PT-210 (I think, printing terminal, looks like a CoCo)
      A CoCo 3
      CoCo multipack interface
      Any of the hand held Tandy computer (not the 100 line, I have those)
      A functional Model 600
      Tandy VM-1 monitor or Multisync II or original Multisync
      A functional Model 2000
      A functional Model 1000a (may as well start on the PC lines)

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