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2617hard sectored disks

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  • Chris M
    Feb 26, 2006
      ok my mistake. ID cant do those because a typical
      drive cant. But Dave does have tools for capturing an
      image from a computer for which that format is native
      via a serial link. Ive never worked with that style of
      disk, and was under the impression an RX50 drive could
      read and write those (anyone?). Of course thats not a
      standard drive. But if anyone hasnt looked at Daves
      site, its mandatory reading.
      --- allstarroleplayers@yahoogroups.com
      <CSyphrett@...> wrote:
      > In a message dated 2/26/06 7:08:23 PM Eastern
      Standard Time,
      > suvok2003@... writes:
      > > Tom looked to guy and then marvel"So how do we get
      him out?"
      > >
      > "Maybe I can pull the armor apart without blowing it
      up," said Guy.
      > "A better question would be who were those gentlemen
      fighting each
      > other" spoke Mister Marvel. "Who did they sound like
      to you,
      > Guy?"
      > "It sounds like you and Mr. Average were duking it
      out," said Guy. "And you
      > lost. That's probably why your system crashed since
      it died and machines
      > don't believe in resurrections."
      > > On the walk down to the lab, Quicksivler kept
      trying to see if he could
      > > access any memories of this other Quicksivler. He
      even tried thinking "ARE YOU
      > > IN HERE ANYWHERE???"
      > >
      > "I'm here, human," said a gritting voice. "Why do
      you bother Etrigan?"
      > Sargon led the way into the workshop for the
      displaced heroes. Guy and Tom
      > contemplated the frozen armor with Mr Marvel inside,
      his face barely visible.
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