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26156What a day @ museum!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jun 10, 2012
      Here's what happened today, in order of events.....

      We already had seven or eight of the metal shelving units from Sam's Club, and after VCF we in the MARCH board decided to buy 20 more. Justin said I could get five at a time.

      Unfortunately Justin (who has a Sam's membership) was busy so I signed up MARCH for a business membership. It was only $35 and will serve us well. I went with my girlfriend (Alise) because she has an SUV. :) We picked up five units and brought them to the museum this morning.

      Got there at 10am; Jeff B. and Matt M. met us there. We four spent three hours sorting and organizing, with a focus on Commodore items (mostly from the huge collection Bryan donated a couple of weeks ago, but also some that we already owned.)

      The first four units were fine. The fifth was missing parts. By that time it was 1pm. Alise and I brought the bad unit back to Sam's for a replacement. While we were there we bought another five units. Technically, we honored Justin's command of five at a time. :) We also brought back lunch, while Jeff and Matt worked the museum along with Jeff J. and Nick who both arrived around mid-day.

      It was nice to have a MARCH lunch on a picnic table outside (weren't many museum visitors today).

      Around 3ish we got back to work in the storage area. Jeff B., Matt, and Alise all stayed until 6ish. Soon after that Herb arrived. Herb, Jeff J., and me all kept working until 7:30 or so.

      With everyone's help, we built and FILLED seven of the ten new storage units today.

      One is all PETs and Educators.

      One unit contains ** MORE THAN FORTY ** Commodore 64s, about 2/3 in original boxes. It also contains about 10 VIC-20s.

      One unit is all Amiga. That's 2/3 full.

      One unit holds 128s, Plus 4s, etc.

      One unit is half-full of nothing but Commodore disk drives.

      One unit contains a wide assortment of videogame consoles.

      And because of some consolidation of previous shelving units, we now have TWO units full of nothing but monitors. We'll probably need another two units for that purpose soon.

      Most of the rest of Bryan's collection is books and software. But we expect to find another stray computer (or ten!) in some boxes that we haven't yet sorted. :)

      With the three shelving units that we haven't built yet, one will be for Tandy micros; one might become our third "Apple cart"; and the other is to be determined. There are many options.

      So ..... anybody want a Commodore 64 .... please!!!???

      (Kidding aside, we'll test as many as we can and get an inventory. Then we'll start selling surplus. Bryan was kind enough to let us do so, rather than selling them by himself.)

      Of the videogame console, there were some real highlights:
      - Fairchild Model F (not for sale!)
      - multiple Magnavox Odysseys (we may sell one that's still in its shipping box, because we really don't need that, and on eBay it could net a nice sum for the club budget)
      - Sears console (Atari 2600 oem'd)
      - Intellivisions / Colecovisions
      - Adam (a full computer)
      - nice assortment of obscure consoles nobody ever heard of ....

      Oh, and my car broke down on the Parkway during my ride home. Good thing for AAA.

      Super-huge-mega thank you to Alise (for the use of her vehicle!), Jeff B. / Matt M. / Jeff J. / Herb (for their hard work), Nick (for his ongoing moral support), and of course Bryan for the massive donation.
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