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25544Re: OT? SCSI

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  • s100doctor
    May 2 9:27 AM
      B Degnan <billdeg@...> wrote:
      > Not really vintage in our club's scope, but just for anyone
      > interested in SCSI things I have a pretty large number of SCSI cards
      > and drives, mostly from the 1990's that I have set aside. These are
      > not for sale, but for future restoration projects.

      Since this is off-topic....I run a used Mac business, especially the 68K and early PowerPC Macs. So I'm actively looking for the early 50-pin SCSI-1 type drives they used. Drives with Apple logos/name on them are particularly desirable. Anyone with these to sell, contact me off-list; also I'll be at the VCF-E. Thank you.

      Herb Johnson
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