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  • Dave McGuire
    May 1, 2012
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      I KNEW I'd remember more stuff after I sent that email.

      DEC PDP-11/44. 6U rackmount chassis, normal 110V power. Add a mass
      storage subsystem and this will be a complete, functional PDP-11/44.
      I'll take maybe $500 for this, or a serious trade. I really don't mind
      keeping it, so that price isn't very flexible. I'm only offering it for
      sale because I have more than one. =)

      Linotronic L300 phototypesetter/imagesetter. 2540 DPI to film. No
      supplies, no RIP, but both are readily available. Includes RIP cable
      and all cover panels. It was working when decommissioned, and should
      come right up, but you're on your own with that part. This is a HEAVY
      machine; please don't ask for it if you can't handle moving it once it
      comes off of the lift gate of my truck. I will give it to a highly
      interested party for free, but I'd really like some token thing in trade
      for it. It must go to a good home.

      I have several Cray J90 vector supercomputers, and could easily be
      convinced to part with one. It can be made fully operational. I can
      bring it (though not yet configured and functional, not enough time) to
      VCF. This machine would be two separable 6' racks, air cooled, will run
      on standard household 220V power. Will consider cash or a good trade.

      I have two Cray YMP-EL98 vector supercomputers. These are far more
      "antique" than J90s, and are gorgeous. Good condition except for crappy
      casters. For a serious cash offer, or for a very good trade, I could be
      convinced to part with one, and I can bring it to VCF. I have
      everything needed to make them fully functional. Air-cooled, will run
      on standard household 220V power.

      EMC Centera SN1 "server" PCs. Four available. They are really neat,
      small, 1U rackmount, 1GHz P-III machines that hold four (yes FOUR)
      internal IDE drives. They come with rack slides. Free, but I'd like
      something nice in trade, at least good thoughts. I've never used these
      machines but I was told that they're fully functional.

      HP 1740A oscilloscope. 100MHz, dual trace. Broken bottom feet but
      otherwise in good shape, and fully functional. $75.


      Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
      New Kensington, PA
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