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25498OT? SCSI

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  • B Degnan
    May 1, 2012
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      Not really vintage in our club's scope, but just for anyone
      interested in SCSI things I have a pretty large number of SCSI cards
      and drives, mostly from the 1990's that I have set aside. These are
      not for sale, but for future restoration projects. I have a win 2000
      system set up for SCSI drive testing with about three types of cards
      installed, external CD SCSI burners, etc. What I did is gather
      together all of the related items into one place, sealed them up and
      I will get back to it in 2020 the medium future. Eventually things
      SCSI will be hard to find, now is the time to start setting aside
      90's tech, when it's practically free.
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