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25398Jeff J., VCF Partsmeister

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Apr 28, 2012
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      If you (especially exhibitors) need parts, supplies, etc. during VCF, sometimes there is a good chance of MARCH having plenty of whatever it is -- or maybe not! But you don't know until you ask. And nobody knows our stash better than Jeff Jonas.

      Jeff and I discussed this; his role during VCF is partsmeister. From the common to the unobtanium, you may be surprised by what we have (no, our 6501 chip isn't up for grabs!)

      So, if you need something during VCF -- from a cable adapter to teletype paper -- just ask Jonas. If MARCH has a whole bunch of something, then we may just give it to you. If it's valuable, then we'll ask for a donation in return. If it's something we can't give you, then we may let you borrow it. Jeff will decide these things. I cautioned him about being too generous. :)

      Also, during VCF weekend, the H-building is OFF LIMITS other than for Jeff and I. There may be times when we make a necessary exception, but in those instances you've got to go in, do the necessary work, and promptly exit. It is verboten to have people hanging out in there during VCF weekend.

      's storage area(s), while still best described as "chaos" are MUCH better