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  • Evan Koblentz
    Apr 25, 2012
      Woz: “Seeing the early equipment at VCF is an amazing experience. For
      many of us, it's better than a museum. It touches on all the hopes and
      dreams of the time and the many efforts to achieve what others thought
      would never happen. It brings back memories of a revolution in the
      making. And we see the humble devices that we could actually understand
      and hold each piece in our hands and even construct ourselves. Every new
      device back then signaled a change in life forever. A lot of young
      people look in awe upon those days too, the way they might look upon the
      founding music of rock and roll. The people you meet at the VCF are
      amazing. Most are older and more accomplished but every single story of
      those days that they tell is the type you hinge on and feel inside what
      they were doing, often against the grain of our culture and against what
      was supposedly possible. It was a time of few rules and little
      conformity, all because there weren't billions of dollars visible yet
      for this new industry. How much we were up against is one thing you take
      home after this event,” Wozniak continue.

      Lee Felsenstein: "In 35 years the personal computer has grown from
      nothing into the most important device shaping everyday life. It should
      be part of everyone's education to see how it grew and to learn from the
      people who grew it. VCF is the place to be where not only the equipment
      can be seen and tried out but, perhaps more importantly, where the
      people who rose to the challenge offered by these machines can be met
      and heard from."