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25347Re: [midatlanticretro] Power for Exhibitors

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  • Jeffrey Brace
    Apr 20, 2012
      From: B Degnan
      Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2012 7:53 AM
      To: midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Power for Exhibitors

      >Which reminds me, please tell us/me what your power requirements are
      >going to be for these exhibits asap. The tentative plan is that all
      >of them will be in the one larger room by the backdoor ramp. I plan
      >to bring my own new UPS for my own exhibit.


      Sorry for the delay Bill, but I wasn't really sure how to calculate this. I
      will be bringing a UPS myself. 550va 330Watts. I will be plugging in four
      C64s with Heavy Duty power supplies, four 1702 monitors, four 1541 drives,
      one PC laptop or desktop, possibly a VGA monitor. I'm not sure how to
      calculate the power for all this. Does that help ?

      Jeff Brace
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