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25005Re: needed: software & manual for "ThinCard" PCMCIA adapter

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  • Jeff Jonas
    Apr 2, 2012
      >I need the software & just the essentials of the manual
      >for my DATABOOK ThinCard DRIVE model TMD-100-03 rev C
      >It is essential for an upcoming data salvage project.

      It's not on the wayback machine nor bitsavers :-(
      Google only finds web sites with dead links.
      The company is apparently gone or changed names or merged and dropped all vintage/end-of-life products.

      The primary-main-objective is to copy data from a friend's vintage machine to USB flash drive, as directly as possible.
      I have not yet seen the machine but I believe it's a PC-AT vintage machine: 16 bit ISA bus, ST-506/mfm hard drive.

      I have several ideas, but each has its own obstacles

      1) add a SCSI controller and SCSI external hard drive, XCOPY everything over, then connect the external hard drive to my Linux PC and copy to USB flash drive.

      It's been a long time since I used an Adaptec 1542cf.
      Will the SCSI HA BIOS let me use the drive without any additional drivers?

      2) add an ATAPI/IDE controller at the secondary address and xcopy C: to D:, then move that drive to my Linux machine via a USB-IDE external adapter and copy everything directly to the USB drive. Here took I'm unsure the OS or BIOS has native support for the secondary hard drive controller, of it I'll have to use a driver such as 4drives.

      3) use one of the 2 ISA bus cards I have that supports PCMCIA cards and xcopy the MFM drive c: to the flash card. But I don't have the software, drivers or manuals for either card :-(

      4) Procomm to Linux machine via RS232 serial link, ZMODEM batch transfer the files over. But that's only for one directory at a time, right?

      -- jeffj
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