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  • ahm
    Jan 22, 2005

      Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Andy in New Jersey.

      I don't consider myself an active "collector".
      I just have a hard time throwing something away if it still works.
      I suppose that makes me an "accumulator". :)

      I'm hoping to bring one or two CP/M machines, specifically
      a Sony SMC-70, and an Altos 580 with Televideo 955 terminal.

      (As much as I'd love to bring my Teletype DMD-5620 "BLit" terminal,
      it weighs a ton and I no longer have anything that will run "layers"
      to be able to give a proper demo)

      As for stuff to swap, I'll have to dig around.
      Off the top of my head, I have available:
      a Poqet PC handheld (PC-XT clamshell about the size of a VHS tape),
      perhaps a Motorola Envoy and
      a Sony PIC-1000 "Magic Link" with a number of accessories.

      I've also got an Apple Mac SE/30 in a strange state of repair.
      I'd like to find a working motherboard and bring it back to life.

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