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24959Re: [midatlanticretro] Power for Exhibitors

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  • B Degnan
    Mar 29, 2012
      > >
      >I will this weekend. Have any power improvements been made? Last time I was
      >in there we had two or maybe three working circuits for the room, and one
      >with a bad ground. On the second day I was able to find another circuit
      >near the door and power my exhibit with a 100' extension cord. If the
      >wiring hasn't been upgrade can someone use an outlet tester and verify
      >which outlets are good and which breaker they are on? (labels on outlets
      >or map would be good) The bad circuit the ground neon bulb was not fully on.

      If you're bringing a mini or something with special power
      requirements, please try to arrive Friday night for electrical
      testing and set up. All the talk and prep in the world will not
      *prove* you have what you need until you test your space with your
      load in this environment. It will be too late Saturday morning for
      all that. If you can't, you can't, but try.

      It would be ideal if we had an electrician around who can stop by
      (even a paid one) Friday night for this purpose just to be sure
      everything is OK. Last year we had no special power requirements as
      everything except Dave's systems were small. With all 20+ or so
      exhibits in just the one room including larger ones - I'd rather be
      pleasantly surprised that there are no problems rather than violently
      surprised when there are.

      ...and this means we MARCH people running the show will have to work
      something out. I expect Evan has already done some of this leg
      work. Send me your specs and I will coordinate with Evan and the
      InfoAge electrician(s). If you don't send specs then don't get upset
      if you're not allowed to turn everything on at the expense of the
      others who have given us enough time to prepare.

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