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24879Re: [midatlanticretro] Cray J916 on eBay!

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  • telmnstr@757.org
    Mar 25, 2012
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      Here we go:

      This is the IOS-V bootlog. This is when the IOS boots up. It sees the 4
      hard drives (Seagates with firmware that say Cray DDS5). Also FDDI and

      Sysinfo file. I'd love to see a valid/default one. This is used by the
      installer stuff to generate a bunch of files.

      This is the param.ram. It's used when you kick off a boot_ram, which is
      what I know to be the step to kick off the Unicos install.

      I've played with some settings in here. Unicos still panics.


      The hippi stuff is a bit curious. I upped the # of devices as there
      weren't enough by default, to see if it would help. It didn't.

      Seeing a valid param.ram from a J series would be nice.

      Finally the bootlog with the kernel panic:

      Looking over things, two things I see taht are of interest. The error
      about packet.c. I have the IP set to .1, maybe it's dumb and has issue
      with having the IP on what would be a gateway IP. Will switch and retry
      that one.

      Second I see there is some option for system debugging in the sysinfo.
      Maybe turning that on would provide more info.

      sn9537-ios0: 03/22/12 17:32:16 packet.c line 297
      UNICOS: PANIC: immtrap.s: EEX interrupt in UNICOS kernel
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