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24622VCF exhibit progress

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  • Mike Loewen
    Mar 11 8:06 PM
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      I'm finally feeling better about my VCF exhibit. In order to run
      RTE-6/VM on my HP 2109E, I needed some serious upgrades:

      At least 256KW of RAM.
      A Memory Expanson Module PCA.
      6 firmware PROMs for RTE-6/VM.

      I picked up three 256KW RAM boards on Ebay, and the MEM from a
      reseller. The PROM images are posted on Bitsavers, but I discovered
      (eventually) that they're actually twice the size of the target PROM, with
      2 copies of the data in each .BIN file. I was able to burn all 6 PROMs
      with my Data I/O 29B/UniPak2B and installed them on the Firmware Accessory
      Board. There's a built-in self-test for each set of 3 PROMs and both sets
      passed. The next step is to install the additional RAM and MEM PCAs and
      test them.

      The 2647A terminal gave me fits for a while, until I found and replaced
      2 bad 4116 RAM chips, found a bent ROM pin and corrected some switch
      settings. The terminal now passes its self-tests and works in local mode.
      I have to replace the rubber on both capstan rollers (I have replacements)
      for the cartridge drives, and then pull the CRT implosion shield and clean
      off the rotted silicone adhesive.

      In the process of troubleshooting the terminal, I built an adapter
      which enabled me to read and archive all (31) of the ROMs on the Control
      Memory PCAs. I wrote a short program to verify the checksums, using the
      same algorithm as the terminal self-test.

      Once the 2109E is up to snuff, I'll be connecting it to a HP-IP drive
      emulator (HPDrive) and attempting to make it boot from an emulated drive.
      If I have time, I'll burn and install the FFP (Fast FORTRAN Processor)
      PROMs, as well.

      Mike Loewen mloewen@...
      Old Technology http://sturgeon.css.psu.edu/~mloewen/Oldtech/