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24573Museum report / More storage carts are full!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Mar 4, 2012
      There weren't many museum visitors today, so we focused on the infinite
      storage organization project.

      Justin delivered four more of the storage carts, from the pool of a
      dozen or so that we're committed to buy, based on * your * 50%
      donations.* I already sent a picture of our cart-o'-Commodore computers.
      After that, we made a whole cart full of our IBM microcomputers, and we
      started on a "miscellaneous" cart which currently contains a shelf of
      Atari micros. We'll probably put TI-99/4A and Sinclair stuff on another
      of its shelves, etc. .... We also consolidated several more boxes,
      sorted more books, and tested a few Apple //c systems until we found one
      that's working perfecly -- I'm bringing that as our Trenton exhibit for
      next Saturday.

      Jeff B., Jeff J., and myself all worked there today from 12-4-ish; then
      Jeff J. and I worked for another hour, went for pizza, then came back
      and worked until 9-ish tonight. It's not "work" when it's fun. :)

      That's all for today

      - Evan K.

      * For anyone who joined this list since last December -- we're buying a
      whole bunch of a specific model of storage cart -- the one we buy costs
      approximately $100 -- so our fundraising deal if that if you donate $50,
      then we'll put that money aside from the rest of our budget, and we'll
      put in the other $50 when we're ready to buy more. Contact me privately
      (evan@...) to help.