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24573Museum report / More storage carts are full!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Mar 4, 2012
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      There weren't many museum visitors today, so we focused on the infinite
      storage organization project.

      Justin delivered four more of the storage carts, from the pool of a
      dozen or so that we're committed to buy, based on * your * 50%
      donations.* I already sent a picture of our cart-o'-Commodore computers.
      After that, we made a whole cart full of our IBM microcomputers, and we
      started on a "miscellaneous" cart which currently contains a shelf of
      Atari micros. We'll probably put TI-99/4A and Sinclair stuff on another
      of its shelves, etc. .... We also consolidated several more boxes,
      sorted more books, and tested a few Apple //c systems until we found one
      that's working perfecly -- I'm bringing that as our Trenton exhibit for
      next Saturday.

      Jeff B., Jeff J., and myself all worked there today from 12-4-ish; then
      Jeff J. and I worked for another hour, went for pizza, then came back
      and worked until 9-ish tonight. It's not "work" when it's fun. :)

      That's all for today

      - Evan K.

      * For anyone who joined this list since last December -- we're buying a
      whole bunch of a specific model of storage cart -- the one we buy costs
      approximately $100 -- so our fundraising deal if that if you donate $50,
      then we'll put that money aside from the rest of our budget, and we'll
      put in the other $50 when we're ready to buy more. Contact me privately
      (evan@...) to help.