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24567Re: [midatlanticretro] Any don't-miss stores for retrocomputing in the SF bay area?

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  • Bob Applegate
    Mar 4, 2012
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      Whenever I'm in the area, I always visit Anchor and Halted.

      Anchor is neat and organized (boo!) and products are nicely labelled in zip-lock bags.  It seems too sophisticated ;-)  They have a lot of stuff behind the counter, so if you need something, ASK and they might have it.  Most times I'm there, college students are describing projects they are working on, so the staff and customers get into discussions about designs.  It's like the old days of computers where everyone knew something and wanted to share.  They still stock new S-100 boards from CCS, so if you're building a system and want original boards, ask.

      Halted is rows and rows of dusty parts, much more to my liking.  You dig through to find the gems, like all the new S-100 proto boards still in original bags I found in a bunch of boxes of pc boards.  Many cars in the lot have ham license plates.  Walk in, pick up a basket, piece of paper and an old pencil.  As you fill the basket, just note the cost and quantity of items.  They are especially good for cables because there are hundreds of spools in the back corner you can go through.

      Don't forget Fry's!  They have a lot of components and cool stuff on their shelves.  On my last trip I picked up a bunch of Arduino shields and components and looked over my purchases while sitting in their cafeteria having a soda and dessert (hey, there's only so much "conference food" one can take on any given trip).

      Never got to Weird Stuff but will try for it next time.

      Jameco is on the way from SFO down to Silicon Valley, but I don't know if they do retail there or not.

      On Mar 4, 2012, at 8:20 AM, Mike wrote:


      There are a few places that stock components, including vintage stuff - not systems.
      ACE - advance components electroncs- www.acecomponents.com
      Anchor Electronics - www.anchor-electronics.com

      I've made phone orders to the the above places and stopped in at ACE a few years ago - wish I had a place like that around here.

      Halted (HSC) - web site seems down a the moment
      I've heard of halted, but never dealt with them.

      Mike Willegal

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "dfnr2" <dfnr2@...> wrote:
      > I'll be in the SF Bay area next week, and I thought I'd swing through my old haunts in the south bay. Much has changed in the last 25 years or so. Most of those great surplus shops are gone, and many of the remainder now mostly stock just commodity junk (or my perspective has changed.) I am definitely planning to visit the Computer History Museum to catch the tail end of the Jim Williams Desk exhibit, among other things.
      > Any other places to put on the don't-miss list?
      > Thanks,
      > Dave

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