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  • dfnr2
    Mar 2, 2012
      Hi all,

      In the past couple of weeks, I added a few items to my collection. I got all these off Ebay, and suprisingly, nobody else bid, so I lucked out :-)

      - An HP 9845A, documented working before shipping. This is the model with two tape decks and printer. I haven't yet had a chance to check it out, as the power supply was removed for shipping, and I plan to refurbish the power supply before powering up.

      - An HP 9845B. Headless, but in good shape. Although this was indicated as no monitor, I do have two of the 9845A monitors, and I believe that the spare monitor I have will fit the B. (The pull out card has 9845B info, so perhaps it really does go with the B). Also, have not powered up; will refurbish the power supply first.

      - A parts 9845A, not in such great shape

      - a PET 4032, in great shape. This powers up nicely, but some of the keys are sticky.

      For the moment I have to put these aside until I complete my current projects (related to OSI disk interfacing and preservation), which is going slowly due to work)

      I would be very interested to hear of any experiences with these machines. One day, I would love to have a fully refurbished, shiny 9845C. . . One may dream. . .

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