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24509Museum report -- good stuff

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 26, 2012
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      Today was busy and productive, just like last week. We had several groups of visitors spread out during the day, including 10 Cub Scouts, several families, and a few serious engineers.

      We also were given several more boxes of books today -- nice ones, including some Macintosh manuals and books that we put on display by our original system. Also, we got a boxed copy of AppleWorks.

      Jeff J. went to Home Depot for us and bought lights that we hung from the ceiling of our H-building storage area. We got 100 feet of lights that use 10 bulbs at 100W each. It just plugs in to the wall. This setup wasn't cheap -- it set MARCH back around $160 -- shhh, don't tell Justin the club treasurer. ;) (Hi Justin!) But the lights make it much easier, more pleasant, and safer to work in our storage area. We zip-tied the light string to the rafters so we can take it with us to other areas in the future.

      Neil C. brought us some small VAXen -- 3200, 2000, etc., plus some Apple //c gear and a couple of small Sun boxes.

      The Jeff(s) and I organized a few more random boxes/pallets. Also we finally found the elusive second box of our Morrow S-100 kit! We made some space in the homebrew computing exhibit and laid out the major components for display (see attached pictures, including one of the manual showing a layout, which we generally duplicated.) I'll make a new poster for it, and we'll rope it off so people do not pick up the parts (some of them have sharp edges that can extract blood ... guess I how found out ... ouch!)

      That's all for now.