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24419DECmate IIs for sale

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 19, 2012
      > One of the things we might do tomorrow is quick-and-dirty testing of our four Rainbow 100s. We can problem sell two of them. Price and details to be determined. But, if any MARCHins want to throw your hats in the preliminary ring, then email me off-list.

      I was wrong. These aren't Rainbow 100s. They are DECmate IIs.

      We attempted to test all four of them. But I think we didn't have the
      right disk. We tried using a known-good CPM disk -- it works fine for
      booting the Rainbow that we have on exhibit. I thought it would work in
      the 'mates, but no such luck.

      Two of the 'mates got as far as showing a disk icon. The other two
      showed what I think are error codes -- 32, 48, etc.

      DEC-heads, what should we do next? Is there a different boot disk that
      we need?
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